sovereign high security fund global macro segregated portfolio
positive incremental returns irrespective of what is happening in the markets

The Sovereign High Security Fund SPC Global Macro Segregated Portfolio (Global Macro) is one of a number of investment opportunities that is brought to you by Sovereign High Security Fund SPC, a registered mutual fund that was launched in 2004 to provide investors with a series of innovative investment opportunities to achieve long term capital growth.

The investment management team invest the assets of Global Macro over more than one non-correlated asset class with particular emphasis on land and traded life policies where medium to long term gains are expected to be achieved due to their prevailing weakness in values.

The investment management team may also consider other asset classes where similar gains are expected to be achieved due to inherent market weaknesses, with the potential to strengthen over time. The strategy is broadly based on analysis about interest rate trends, movements in the general flow of funds, government policies and other broad systemic factors whilst preserving liquidity to enable relatively quick changes to the weighting of the portfolio and to take advantage of short term market trends.